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About the story of the corner machine
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Angle pasting machine for the positioning and forming of tiandi box, inner box, using high temperature tape, saving consumables, the Angle of the pasted products is square, stable and beautiful, fast, low price, is the indispensable main equipment for box making. It is suitable for wine box, gift box, shoe box and packing box.

Corners paste machine is now used more machinery, convenient and fast, mainly for the world box, box positioning and forming, the use of high temperature tape, saving consumables, the posted product Angle is square, stable and beautiful, fast, low price, is the main equipment of box making indispensable.

Reasonable design, widely used for folder, album, book cover, paper box, decorative box, shoe box and other products molding paste corner. It can be produced independently or with gluing machine, folding machine, forming machine, pressing machine and other mechanical equipment to form a complete set. It can be pasted together file folder, binder, photo album, written, advertising game board, etc., and can produce diversified gift boxes, moon cake boxes, fine boxes, hard boxes and other paper products.

Some use the way of single Angle lamination, paste four corners to four times, some use a paste four corners, these ways can achieve the corner of the carton, but there are shortcomings.

The single Angle lamination method should be semi-manual and semi-mechanical assisted to complete the corner lamination, and only one corner can be laminated at a time, which is low in efficiency and a waste of labor. Adopting a four-corner way, the structure is complex, and most of them are mechanical structures of connecting rod, CAM and cable, and the overall speed is slow.

The use of high temperature tape, for the positioning and molding of the six box, the inner box. Save consumables, the posted product point of view is square, stable and beautiful, fast, low price, the box can not be the first equipment. The number of wet temperature actively make up for the control of heating system anti-circuit display corner paper belt long distance can adjust a variety of packaging machinery accessories, the price is favorable. The quality is reliable, choose imported cemented carbide as material.

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