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How to set the viscosity of the world cover molding machine?
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1. Drawing height, due to the viscosity of some glue is large, the world cover molding machine at a constant speed and slow lift a distance to pull the rubber wire, does not affect the glue track, this distance is called the drawing height. The parallelism of the belt of the box making machine should be adjusted frequently. One side tight and one side loose will lead to the deformation of the belt. For a long time, it will lead to inaccurate alignment of the book box production, so as to scrap the belt prematurely. Automatic molding machine manufacturer also known as the unpacking machine refers to the automatic completion of unpacking, forming, bottom folding leaf bending. Finish the following part of the tape paste, open the carton board folded into cardboard, fold the bottom of the carton according to certain procedures, and then seal it with tape and send it to the special equipment of the packing machine. Automatic carton forming machine and automatic carton unpacking machine are the assembly line equipment for automatic unpacking of large quantities of carton boxes, automatic folding of the bottom cover and automatic sealing of the bottom tape. The machine is controlled by PLC+ display screen, which is greatly convenient to operate. It is the essential equipment for automatic large-scale production. In the packaging machinery industry, the world cover molding machine series products mainly include: carton molding machine and carton molding machine, which carton molding machine is an indispensable equipment when making carton, at present, there are mainly on the market with hot melt glue machine carton molding machine, and no hot melt glue machine carton molding machine two. Z axis slowly and uniformly moves up the set distance to pull the rubber wire.

2. Lifting height. When a section of track is finished, it is moved to the starting point of the next section of track. In order to prevent the glue head from hitting the needle, lift the glue head at the end point to ensure the glue head is safe from hitting the needle, and then move it to the starting point of the next section of track, which is called lifting height. The Z axis moves up the set distance (lift height) at the air speed.

3. The glue opening delay of the earth and earth cap forming machine. When the rubber head is opened, there is a distance between the glue outlet of the rubber head and the glue valve, and there is no glue.

4. After closing the glue head, there is still glue between the glue outlet of the glue head and the glue valve. If it moves immediately after closing the glue head, the phenomenon of glue trailing may be formed.

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